Warm feeling

Music, Thoughts and words

the sun is down

my eyes are closed

washed and warm

my hands are one with yours

stumbling in your curly hair

my dragon is defeated

electrical warmth

and random words for the warmest feeling of them all

Do you wanna be loved?





Remember your first kiss? Was is sweet and innocent like this or just the result of another wild party? I was kinda sad today when my little cousin told me that she had her first kiss, but she didn’t remember it so clear because she was a little bit to drunk. I am sad that she will never have that feeling of warm and uncontrollableĀ  smile with all the heart as i have when i remember the first time i kissed someone…I think I am becoming a bit old, and becoming one of those old people that sits in the bus and look at “the strange teens nowadays” šŸ™‚