Line up??!!*****


What happens when you put together Florence+ the machine, Foo Fighters, Caribou, Pharrell, Roisin Murphy, Prodigy, Kasabian and others? I go crazy and just wanna click on that “buy tickets” button. Buy it, buy it, you will not afford that latte tomorrow, or food. Who needs food anyways. Food is overrated, music festivals are better! And for sure Rock Werchter seems more appealing to me now then that jar of Nutella from the table.

Dammit now I got excited and I just wanna make my bank account breathe a little and go in June to Belgium. You have one life, right? Who knows maybe in a couple of years I will tell mu kids the wild stories from a festival I went once upon a time when I was young and wild. Damn you music, why are you so tempting!!

If Wikipedia says this!!!

” Rock Werchter is a Belgian annual music festival held in the village of Werchter, near Leuven, since 1976. It is one of the five biggest annual rock music festivals in Europe (the other four being Exit, Sziget Festival, the Glastonbury Festival and Roskilde Festival). The 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2012 festivals received the Arthur award for best festival in the world at the International Live Music Conference (ILMC). It can host 88,000 guests daily, of which 67,500 combine all four days, to add up to a total maximum of 149,500 different attendees.” 

The best festival in the world!!! OMG! OMG! 25-28 of June, Belgium here I come!!!!****!!!!!