do you feel that need

need for a little sunshine?

Look around
Cause this is
just a perfect day for feeling


Guest post! Hentai Corporation – Equilibristic Brides

Guest Post, Music

So…men huh :)?

How beautiful :). Between tones and millions of videos showing/hinting/representing female nudity, every now and then,
some men have the balls to put it out there.

Saw this video on a Sunday morning and hell, I had no reaction: I was not surprised, nor aroused, not even repelled. I just took it as it was, yet another video on the interwebs. So, what’s wrong with too much wang?

Oh yah, and the song – progressive metal from Czech Republic, here’s some info. I enjoyed it, but prolly if there wasn’t for the video, I wouldn’t have given it a go. The sound reminds me perhaps a bit of Devin Townsend band 😕

S O H N – Red Lines

Dreams are made of..., Music

My friends always tell me that I listen to dark, moody, sad songs that’s why they call me and my music emo. I don’t agree 😀 I really like to listen to these kind of songs to relax and think about whatever is on my mind. Just lie on my bed, close my eyes and think or watch the little black spots on my ceiling forming different shapes and thinking about stories about their existence.