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internet error

no matter how much you try to have a virtual life that’s not enough.  Yes, it feels nice to see those notification pop up on your facebook account, but stop and think a bit. There are just little lights that last a second, a glimpse and then they disappear somewhere in the big hole of the internet. How about actually meting some real people once in a while, how about staring into that girls eyes and tell her how beautiful she is instead of an like or a poke or whatever internet flings tell you to do nowadays.

Nothing can replace that moment when you spill beer on everybody from the table (by mistake, of course) and then you start laughing uncontrollably. Nothing can replace a touch, a stare, a moment shared with actually living people who share with you moments of their life and make you apart of something more meaningful then a chat on the internet.

My mind was wondering these days about the meaningful meaning or something like that. What is meaningful for you, what is the definition of this word in your mind?


You are special

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This is our first post in the virtual world!!!!!!!!Greetings!!!

Who are we? In a few words: we are gray and colored people who are trying to show you of what our world is made of, what we like, what inspires us and we hope to find out what you might like. You will find here our stories, music, films, many many photos collected from everywhere and other stuff.

So HELLO!!! and hope we will have fun together 😀