I wanna

Thoughts and words

I wanna be good to you

I wanna taste you and hold you tighter

I wanna wrap my fingers around you

Slowly, everywhere

Gently, yes!

You will make me forget about everything


I want you in my mouth

I want you now




What where you thinking about?!! U little pervert. I am just Fucking flu!

and thinking about this print…:) because yeah, fever takes you to dark places.

hugo boss


Aunty Acid is the best

Is a lonely night, nothing is happening.

I’ve been turning around, nothing is there.
No eyes on me. Nothing. We came to far.
Let’s stay up all night, let’s be fine.
In bed.

I am ready. Who we are?

Fever. Napkins.

I will never ever be the first.
But I will do it
Do u mean it?
Little bit?
Just a tiny bit?

Lights. Blurred vision.

Man down!

Fucking flu!

I think out loud

Thoughts and words