Internet error

Because life is not about just being online. Because a real smile and a real hug are more important then ‘thumbs up’ and the classical šŸ™‚

internet error, tap the screen, virtual insanityfirst kiss, internet error, graphic, gray colors

internet error

internet error

Take some time and think on how much time you spend chatting with people you can actually meet for a coffee and have a face to face conversation. And then decide. Do you wanna go out in the real world and have new exciting experiences or just sit around on your couch and stare at a screen? At the end is your decision, but think really hard about it.

Your life will not change if you always decide in a today that you are going to do that stuff tomorrow. Just saying, take control of yourself and your path to wherever you want to go. And for sure, the outside world has a lot to offer you, don’t forget that.

Drops of rain

Internet error


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