Hopeless romantic or not?

Thoughts and words

when I was little I was always day and night dreaming of that cliché image of a beautiful, tall, dark, kind man coming on a white horse and taking me away into the sunset. Happily ever after, I thought. But what happens after nobody tells you. Nobody tells you how many people take your love and break it into tiny little pieces. Nobody tells you how long does it take to glue all that pieces back together and then repeat the process all over again. Because you choose wrong or maybe because you are just a little to naive, still. Or maybe just because people became too self centred and a naive heart has nothing to find here.

There are so many maybes, so many heartbreaks, but you are still here. You are still fighting and getting yourself whole again waiting for the next one. Maybe the next one will be different, maybe the next one will be the one.  Or maybe there is no such thing as the one. 

Did you ever think that we all have several “ones” that come into our lives in one point or another to teach us something. We will grow in one way or another together and then realize we are not the same people that began this journey. Then we split, it hurts because it was the one, but not the right one for that particular moment. Time passes and you find another one which will fill your life with happiness and joy and again you will grow next to it. And then the roads will split again.

The one is just your one in that moment. You will have many, cherish every single one of those moments and learn to let go and the end of the road. 

I have always been a romantic even if many people will say I am just a really rational and realist person. I still dream of that day when I am going to meet the right person that will want to grow with me and find a way to connect our roads for ever and ever. Even a broken heart which is still trying to start all over again might see hope somewhere along the way of recovery. Because that is what gathers all the tiny pieces back together.

I am rational but I choose to have hope in something greater and better then my rationality. Is that a bad thing?

Meet Nicoletta Ceccoli

Meet Nicoletta Ceccoli

And please do check Nicoletta Ceccoli’s work, it has both the purity and darkness that I like.


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