Dear Diary


Why are people so fucked up?

You know that moment when one of your ex’s texts you that they want to meet. And you are like, yeah! I am a grown up now, I am more wiser and have more self control. I can actually sit at one table and talk normally with this asshole. I can do this!

And that day comes, you are nervous and shaking and moving all around the place like a maniac. You try to relax, take a deep breathe and think clearly….until one hour before the meeting you receive an message “I don’t wanna see you anymore”. Your face drops, your self control runs away like a little puppy and your mind screams WTF!! I wanted to be a grown up! Of course you call him, because WHY? And then the answer…because ” I don’t want to be with someone who goes out clubbing until 5 in the morning”  Again, WTF?!! In the first place, this meeting wasn’t about OMG I wanna have babies with you, right now, on the table, merry me NOW! This was supposed to be a nice, friendly conversation between two people who shouldn’t feel awkward and shit like that when they run into each other. But now it will be weird and awkward, because people need to blame the other person for their own mistakes so they will feel better I guess. *cough* fucking asshole *cough*

Hey, why are you so fucked up? Why can’t you be a grown up as well and actually have a normal conversation with a person you were supposed to care/like/bare at one point in the past?WTF!

And that’s why kids you should never catch up with one of your ex’s. Because it always turns out bad in some way or another. If you receive a text like that, press delete and save hours of WTF!!!


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