For old times’ sake

Dreams are made of..., Music

Because I am having yet another of those dark nights filled up with a yellow light and an strange desire to clear out my FB friends list. From there to looking at my timeline was just a small step, a little click on my memory lane a big step in realising I am a completely different person then I was 4 years ago. I though I haven’t changed a bit, but ohhh!! how much I’ve changed. FB statuses with hearts and inside jokes at 2 am? ME?

Anyways at least I still had a good taste in music 🙂 So this song is dedicated to my +infinite upgraded version of me.


And this one as well, because I cannot stop scrolling down that blue wall. Can I change the color or just make it full with dust? Like magic dust from the cosmos or something? Yeah, yeah, I need sleep.



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