Internet error II

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first kiss, internet error, graphic, gray colorsVirtual insanity as Jamiroquai’ s song says that’s the world we live in. Yesterday I was peacefully drinking my coffee in a little coffee place i use to visit a lot. I had my eyes rolling down on some golden pages and one of my hands in my fluffy little ball of fur. My dog, you dirty animal!

Anyways, as I was sitting there the silence around me caught my attention and I raised my eyes from the last word on the 25 page. At the table next to me, four young people. I assume young as all of them were drinking mate and still had that silly spark of innocence on their forehead. They were not talking, just tipping quickly on their phones. At one point one of them, the one with a little start of ginger beard started laughing and pointed to the girl next to him something on his phone. Laughs again and then “You have to send this one to me!Now, I wanna post it in Instagram”.

And then I felt old and boring. A book is a no, no compared to a really smart phone that shows you lots and lots of pictures and words and infinite wisdom. I felt old and sorry for the “new generation” that will not experience the first kiss on a bench in front of their house door, but on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsupp and so on through an emoticon. Muahhhh, kiss, kiss, a virtual kiss to all of you. Let’s celebrate our virtual insanity with a virtual kiss and a virtual person.


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