Meet Takashi Murakami

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“I express hopelessness.” – Takashi Murakami

takashi murakami

One of the  pop art luminaries, as he was named by Chris Lee from the L.A Times,  Takashi Murakami is an contemporary Japanese artist. He works in fine arts media: painting and sculpture as well as in commercial media: fashion, merchandise, and animation.  He is the one who created the term superflat, an art movement influenced by manga and anime.

takashi murakami

In his works you will find a mixture if  popular contemporary Japanese cartoons and historic Japanese painting.

Takashi Murakami” While proposing a rethinking of “Japan” to those both within and outside, Murakami maintains a strong commitment to promoting Japanese art throughout the world.  Twice a year he holds the GEISAI festival in Japan for young emerging talent, and with his company Kaikai Kiki, supports and manages a group of young artists while preparing for his future endeavors. To become a living example of the potential of art. This is the burning force behind Takashi Murakami’s work.”  source

murakami mr. BOB

One of the most character of Takashi Murakami is Mr. DOB which appers often in his works from  t-shirts, posters, key-chains or 3-D sculptures.


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