Never give up

Dreams are made of..., Thoughts and words

In the end this is the most important advice anyone can give you to almost any situation or difficulty u are facing.  NEVER GIVE UP! Like ever! Maybe you are not a genius in some field or another, maybe you are just not good with some things but as long as you try everyday to do it and don’t let go just because is difficult in the end you will succeed. Maybe is going to be in a week, maybe is going to be in a month, a year, five, nobody knows but success will come if you try your best and you are persistent.

never give up, street art

Don’t compare yourself to others around you, don’t compare your life with your fancy, rich friends on Facebook, don’t give up just because you get the impression you will never make it. You will, you just have to try and try again and work hard, and dream and follow those dreams with enthusiasm. The amazing lives other people show on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform may be not so perfect in the end. Stop daydreaming about that and make your existence better in the way you always wanted.

Stop loosing time, stop pretending, stop making up excuses to not do anything and DO something, Act. Now! Because you cannot get back time, it goes away and it never returns so make the most out of every minute, every second. You have to believe in you and what you are capable of doing because if you don’t treasure yourself, than nobody will.

I believe every person is capable of amazing, wonderful things if they are ambitious and every person can make this world better!

I believe in you!


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