Twerking, sex, PR scheme

Music, Thoughts and words

I was just loosing my time on youtube, when i saw the new song of rihanna popping up on youtube’s most watched videos. Ok, curiosity wins so click on that “Pour it up”. From the title I wasn’t expecting something deep or fancy or whatever, just a new “in your face” commercial song. But to my surprise i spent the next 3 minutes or so going from wtf, to holy shit, to omg and other exclamations. I don’t even know how to describe this video? Sexy, obscene, porn? Really guys, do you actually need to go on porn sites when u have videos like this?

Yes, again, holy shit! Yes, the girl has money, and yes she does say ” Who cares how you haters feel” so i guess she is sharing my wtf state of mind right now. I ask myself is  twerking  the new PR scheme, like everyone was talking about miley’s performance from vma, now this, is this the future of pop music?  Twerking battles?

I understand that  sex sells and that these new videos and performances make a lot of people talk about them so the singers popularity and income grow.  I understand that they want to win a market that didn’t pay attention to them before. I understand that they are free to do whatever they want with their body. But really now, there is no other way to become famous and rich except to start doing porn videos and show off your body?

I have to admit that I feel like a grandma now screaming at the screen “put some damn clothes on!!”. Is it just me?

Anyways, I think this is just distasteful. I need a shower now….


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