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Wouldn’t you want to have this view right now? To sit somewhere near the sea and just listen to the calming sound of the waves and feel the heat on your face, on your body and realise that sometimes free things are the best. Since I took this picture, I always wondered what this old man was thinking about, he seemed so happy and calm, like he was alone in the world, somewhere hidden in his parallel universe.

He was a simple fisherman from Nazare, Portugal that lived a simple life, working every day on the sea so that he will have something to put on the table for his family when he came home. He was happy with his life, he had a happy marriage, happy children and happy grandchildren. He got to see them grow up and he had the chance to teach them what he knew about life. That simple things are good, that a modest life isn’t so depressing as people say, not if u know how to take advantage of every moment and to thank for every good thing that surrounds you. Family, friends, that moment when your young son tells you that he wants to be like you when he will grow up and so many things that we just take for granted.

Enjoy life, enjoy the little things, enjoy this picture!



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