Love it or Leave it

Music, Thoughts and words

Today i received one good advice, it was one of those moments when my instinct was to start screaming in my friends face that he doesn’t understand what I am going through, but then I had an revelation: he was right. So I just closed my mouth and open my mind and started to think about his words:

“Come down to earth and see that not all of your imaginary worlds are here. Stop waiting for someone to come save you, or to give you a sign to show you what you were supposed to do in this world. The only one who can do this, the only one who can save you is YOU. So STOP IT! Stop waiting for that knight in shining armour or whatever imaginary picture you have in your head and start realizing that you have to start doing something.”

“My Oh My! It hurts sometimes
My Oh My! It hurts sometimes
I think I’m running out of time
Before I’m gonna lose my mind”



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