After party in the forest, anyone?

Thoughts and words

Yesterday was one one of those days when u go out for a coffee with some friends and then u find yourself in the middle of the forest far far away from your city at 4 am in the morning at an after party with some strange people.

The day started as usual, nothing special, breakfast with pancakes, a lot of maple sauce, tones of cups of coffee and an weird conversation about death and religion. Nothing out of the ordinary, just a normal day. Then around 5pm I decided to go for another coffee with another group of friends- the chill out one- as I like to call them. Laughs, discussions about the development of music and film industry until one of my friends suggested we can go check out some fireworks from the big music festival that was in town. We didn’t had tickets, still we thought we can buy it from the entrance so maybe it was worth the trip.

Is that an entrance?


Around 11 pm we finally arrive at the festival, but there were no tickets left for us, damn it, we thought. We walked around a bit and we saw a group of people going in a little forest near the stages. In out nativity, we said that maybe there was another entrance there. And there was one, a free one, from a hole in the fence. Should we go inside, should we stay outside and just see the fireworks and go home? Decisions, decision. What will happen if we get caught? We will be arrested, we will be kicked out of the festival, we will be banish for life from musical festivals? Realistic scenarios and dumb ones. After half an hour of discussions, we finally fought with some branches, slipped in mud, broke our jackets and  arrived to the promise land. The first time in our lives we snuck in at a festival. The adrenaline, the fear, the butterflies in my stomach that wouldn’t let me say anything besides screaming: somebody is coming, let’s go back!!!

But we were inside and there was no turning back. When I finally started to see clearly I noticed that we were surrounded by people with guitars, saxophones and  many other music instruments. We were backstage, with the band!!! OMG! The groupie in my was fainting.  Not only I got to see the members of one of my favourite band drinking beer and smoking at the table next to me, but I got to go out from the backstage with people cheering us and giving hi-fives. We could have been at the police station, but we ended up being rock stars, at least in my mind we were pretty bad asses. We got to see the rest of the bands, danced for hours and couldn’t believe that we actually did that, that we were actually there. The adrenaline, oh the sweet adrenaline which makes your heart race like crazy and makes u think u are immortal, indestructible.

Wanna go to an after party?

In the middle of the joy and dancing we meet a group of people who were having as much fun as we had, so why not joy forces. Drinking contests, dancing battles and throwing glowing sticks at trees, nothing u wouldn’t do with a bunch of stranger, right? When the energy level started to go down and we realized that we couldn’t stay longer because we already been to the last after party from the festival, a guy from our new friends suggested we go with them in the centre for another after party cause the night was young. It was Tuesday, and then 1th of May so holiday. What can u do  but go at 3 am to another after party?

We got a taxi and our guide gave the driver the directions, nothing suspicious until after almost 20 minutes of driving we see a big lake, that shouldn’t have been in the centre, where the party was supposed to be.

Where are we going? Are we still in the city?

Yes, yes everything is ok, don’t worry we will be there soon.

Ihimmm sure, as u say.

20 minutes passes and me and my friend started talking about how can we defend ourselves in case they want to murder us. Finally the taxi turns left on a muddy, countryside road and takes us in the middle of the forest were a big bonfire and a huge group of people were waiting for us.

Wanna go to an after party? Hey, why not!



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