Why is good to have flatmates

Thoughts and words

1. Because you have someone to creep around in your room while u are asleep pretending they are ghosts

2. Because they can lock you in your garden during the night leaving u alone with all off that strange birds and rats

3. Because they can take pictures when u are drunk and sleeping on the club’s couch

4.Because u will always have someone to watch “Game of Thrones” every Monday night and making fun of u when u are confused of who is that new character

5. Because they can rape your Facebook page when u are taking a bath writing random, sexual, grose things that your parents are going to see and freak out

6. Because they will take pictures of u wearing that comfortable Tweety pyjamas and send them to all of your friends

7.Because u will never be alone, not even when u brush your teeth and u can all sit with your feet in hot water after a hard night out and talk about random, stupid things

8. Because sometimes they will wait for u with dinner when u arrive tired from work

9. Because all of those amazing movie nights and popcorn fights that u all have to clean after

10.  Because u can all dress up as fancy animals and go out and feel so damn cool.

Because my flatmates are the most amazing, unbelievable awesome persons in the world and life would be so boring and lonely without them


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