Meet Thierry Cohen


“Villes Éteintes,” or “Darkened Cities” by Thierry Cohen, an Parisian photographer who was a passion for the sky and the stars.

Shanghai 31° 14’ 39’’ N 2012-03-19 lst 14:42



About the project: ” I think the main point is about the theory—its more the idea of creating a link between dark spaces and megacities and a reference to our economy of consuming. I wanted to make people aware that we’re not seeing any more stars and in some ways, not seeing any more stars stops us from asking questions about where we are coming from and where we are going. I wanted to show the real stars, the real skies, the ones that you should see if the lights of the cities were off. It’s a mix of the reality of the city and the reality of the sky—mixing the two, you are making the imaginary real in some ways.”

You can read the whole interview here


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