The Mortality Paradox

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Little vampire

Little vampire (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It is quite impossible for a thinking being to imagine nonbeing, a cessation of thought and life,” Goethe

Immortality, mortality. We all know that we are going to die one day, but how many of us can truly imagine a world without them inside?

All this started after i watched the movie “Kiss of the Damned”- one of the worst vampires movie since now! I guess i should have seen that coming after reading some reviews and seeing the score it got on IMBD, but still my obsession with vampires couldn’t be satisfied by some critics that don’t know what are they talking about, i thought. But, oh yesss i was so wrong and they were sooo right. The plot, or better the inexistence of one, the actors, the bad bad bad perspective of the director, the bad bad bad shooting, everything was, i think u got the point,  just bad. I don’t know why i watched it until the end, maybe i was waiting for the wowwww factor to change my mind about the all movie but yeah, that didn’t come. I am not talking as an professional film critic, but just as an fan of vampires movies, and this one can kick Twilight’s ass.

Anyway, the conclusion, don’t watch this movie if u want to see some good vampire action, nope, don’t! But after seeing this movie, i realised that i don’t know much about vampire’s history and one thing led to anther I found an interesting article about immortality based on the book  Immortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How It Drives Civilization, Cambridge University written by philosopher Stephen Cave.

Immortality-vampires, u see the connexion 😀

“On the one hand, our powerful intellects come inexorably to the conclusion that we, like all other living things around us, must one day die. Yet on the other, the one thing that these minds cannot imagine is the very state of nonexistence; it is literally inconceivable. Death therefore presents itself as both inevitable and impossible.”

Read the article here


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