What to do on a Friday night? Go shooting!

Photos, Thoughts and words


So as u can see this Friday I decided to hold a real gun the first time in my life.how did it go? Let’s just say I never want to do this again…it was an experience, I tried it once but never again. Something in holding that big, heavy gun in my hands was really scary. And the thought that I am shooting with real bullets that actually can kill u even more scarier. I didn’t realized before how much power a simple object can have. My hand were shaking so hard that it was kinda of difficult to pull the trigger,imagine shooting the target. Mission imposible over there. But I guess is something everyone should try once cause just then u realize how a real gun is and how it can cause so big damage. I didn’t feel safe holding a gun in the contrary I was thinking all the time pleasee don’t shoot yourself in the leg or something. So yes, good experience, the only experience ever!


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