5 AM

Thoughts and words

It’s 5 am here in my part of the world. The darkness from outside is ending and i can see the sunrise, actually i don’t really see it cause i am sitting under a pile of blankets in my comfy bed, but i see the first white shadows crawling into my room and filling up my curtains.

Some people are just leaving the club, probably heading home, or to some others persons home. I am just ending my 5th episode from Castle, a new crime series I just discovered….loosing time again. And time passes really fast these days, I can’t believe is march already, it seems like yesterday i was screaming to the world Happy New Years from the top of the hill, where is my castle. Many days passed in the same way, many great moments i already forget, many memories i didn’t locked in my little brain or my big notebook. It all went away.

I am trying to sleep now, but the 2 coffees and almost 1l of Cola I had in the evening did the trick and kept me up all night. My eyes are tired, my body is exhausted but the little elf leaving inside my head is not giving up jumping from idea to idea, memory to another or worst problems and solutions. Sometimes the line between reality and imagination is really fine for him, I think he is over analyzing everything and for sure thinking to much. “What are u doing with your life?” he asks me. “Are u going tomorrow to the shop to buy some detergent to wash those clothes, they are piling up if u didn’t notice”. Such a judgmental tone, he has sometimes, doesn’t he know that i have more important thinks to do then washing or thinking about the meaning of life. Watching series, movies and dresses from Oscars aren’t more important?

I really need to sleep, don’t I? šŸ˜€ Gray out, colors please come in, let the dream begin!

The Gray and The Colors

The Gray and The Colors


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