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What to do and where to go in Lisbon:

Alfama is an old neighborhood of Lisbon, really nice with old streets. Just wear some comfortable shoes because is on the hills so u will be walking around pretty much 😀 there are a lot of myriapods where u can see all of the city. On a hill is also the  castel: Castelo São Jorge. Somewhere in this area is the Santini ice cream store- is really really good!!! And next to it, in the left side is a shopping center and at the first floor u can find a lot of restaurants or fast foods. I eat there at Portugalie or smtg like that and the dish was only 6 euros and really good. They only have there Portuguese dishes. The rest next to it has Brazilian dishes.

Bairro Alto– is a neighborhood full of nice cosy pubs and a really great place to visit at night when is full of people , music and laughs.  Usually people there go from pub to buy and mostly walk down the narrow streets, talk, dance, meet new people, start a romance and so one. There are also some nice live music pubs, restaurants and bars with 1 euro shots!

Baixa– the city center of the old city, there is a big square that has an opening to the river where u can go relax a bit. Usually there are a lot of people there, the locals are reading or taking sunbaths and the tourists are taking a lot of pictures, of course. In the opposite side of the river, if u pass the square there is a big shopping street where u can also find a fashion museum. At the end of the street u will find another beautiful square with the theater and just near it a charming old train station.

Parque de Nacoes– a bog shopping center and one of the biggest towers in Portufal, an industrial area that now is really nice reconditioned

Avenida da Liberdadeis full of small fancy boutiques and neat to Marques de Pomba round

Also don’t forget to go to a wine shop and try GINJINHA- it’s a type of wine that is usually served in a small chocolate cup, the combination of wine and chocolate is just perfect!

EAT!! U have to try pastel de nata they are like omg!!!! In Belem u will find the best paistery that have this at Pastéis de Belém. U can have breakfast, or brunch there is a really cool place.

Bachalau– cod fish, there is a plate named “bachalau cozido a Portuguesa” that is fisj with vegetables and of course try it with that amazing, delicious Portuguese wine. If u like sweet wine then i suggest muscatel, if not Porto wine.

Francesinha- a dish original from Porto, a bit strange because is made with 3 or 4 different kind of meet, cheese but is really really tasty and after a few bites u will definitely be full.

Arroz doce is a kind of rice pudding, sweet

Ovos moles–  sweets from aveiro, if u have the chance to pass this “venice of portugal” don’t forget to taste them!

Chorizo sausage– iamiiiiiiiii

Pao de deos is translated “ god’s bread” and it is delicious, sweet and with coconut on top

If u want to check for more nice places, this is a good website:


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