Meet Clarissa Bonet

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Do you like the city you are living in? Have you ever stopped for a minute and look around you to see the faces of the strangers from the streets, the shadows that draw monsters on the walls or the crying of the demolished buildings? Maybe you are too busy to do this, maybe you don’t care, but for sure Clarissa Bonet has done this and cached some interesting pictures of her urban landscape.

This is how Clarissa Bonet sees Chicago, the town she is currently living in. Her perception of the urban spaces she captured and the random people that live in her town.

“The urban space is striking. Its tall and mysterious buildings, crowds of anonymous people and endless seas of concrete constantly intrigue me”

You can see more of her pictures and projects here.


2 thoughts on “Meet Clarissa Bonet

    1. I looked up your pictures and I think they are also great, you just have a different style. But i am sure that if u really want and try more, you can also capture these kind of spaces, in your own way 😀

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