A little bit of paradise

Dreams are made of..., Photos, Thoughts and words

I felt in love with Firenze, Italy from the first glimpse from my train window a nice, old, mysterious city that seems like having a lot of secrets. Old and new, bohemian and very very commercial is some parts, I think that this city has it all. I cannot quite say what was the thing that stroked me the most, but think that a part of it was the free spirit of Italians. Smiling all the time, talking loudly in the streets, eating pasta&pizza like it was an art,  without any care in the world. Festa (party) every day and night and just enjoying life, every second of it.  For me, Italians are a bit similar to Spanish people that are actually the same 😀 It’s just my opinion but this Latin blood is really special and positive and definitely hot!

Ciao, ragazzi!!!


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