Song of the day


Gotye- Eyes wide opened

 Gotye is the name stage of a belgian musician named  Wouter De Backer.  A bit about him with his own words:

“A few years ago I made some music in my bedroom using mattresses and a 386. I called it an “album” (which was the style at the time), put a picture named Boardface on the front, and it went quite well. Some people even bought it on Compact Disc.

I bought a new jumper (with a bear on the front) with the proceeds and everything was quite good.

Some years later I made some more music, this time using better mattresses and an Apple G4. I called this collection of songs Like Drawing Blood, because of an injury I suffered while licking an envelope. This record found more success than the one before, and then found more success even than that. Success kind of heaped on top of success, and then on top of itself, like a pyramid of genetically modified frogs. Overall, it was really all about success, this record. And lots of it (success, that is). So much success did I find, in fact, that I had to buy up some storage company’s warehouses in West Oakleigh just to kind of stockpile it all.Yep, them’s were high-livin times. The success and whatnot. I bought another new jumper (this time with a wolf on it, which was the style at the time) and also a large gold tooth. I use this gold tooth to seal letters these days. And so, having found success in Australia, Oz music industry parlance dictates that I should now be poised to “conquer the world”.”

The video is directed by Brendan Cook featuring character design and animation by Darcy Prendergast at DeePee Studios and design and animation by Jeremy Bianco, Darryn Rogers and Brendan Cook.

He has many many goods songs and very interesting video clips for some of them. Besides this one the video for Hearts a mess is also fascinating, made again by australian animator and film clip director Brendan Cook.

Gotye is more known these days because of the cover the guys from Walk off the Earth did that went viral everywhere.


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