Dreams are made of..., Photos


Have u ever had such a nice dream that felt so real that u thought it’s actually a memory, a dream from which u never wanted to wake up and when that alarm clock rings u hate it so much that your heart breaks. For a couple of days I thought that one of my dreams was actually a real thing, that it happened and as stupid as I am, I didn’t realize that it was just a dream. Then it hit me! dream vs reality and my brain was struggling to let me think that it was some sweet memory, but it was just another stupid dream. Sometimes I am wondering if one day I will wake up and have just my dreams as memories, what would happened if I couldn’t tell apart dreams for reality, would I be in a different reality, in a parallel universe like the guy from “The science of sleep”?

I really don’t want to know what will happen in this case, I just want to have sweet dreams that compensate for a shitty reality. And who knows maybe life is actually just a continuous dream..


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