Forever Bicycles

Dreams are made of..., Photos

“Forever Bicycles” is a recent installation made by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and exhibited at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. The brilliant exhibition features over 1000 bicycles that are shown in a display area that is 10m high creating a space that  “appears to be a moving abstract shape that symbolizes the way in which the social environment in China is changing”.

“The “Ai Weiwei absent” solo exhibition, curated by Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TFAM) displays a total of 21 (sets) works by the artist from 1983 to the present. These include 100 photographic works from the 1983-1993 New York East Village Period and 1993-2001 Beijing East Village Period and Ai’s most recent work, created specifically for TFAM, “Forever Bicycles.”  This is also the most bicycles Ai Weiwei has ever used in a single work and is certain to become a focus of attention during the exhibition.”


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