Another kind of angels made by The Viral Factory


How would you react if somebody stooped you on the street and asked about your relationship with your hard drive? And if they would have told  you that they have a solution to make this relationship happier and quicker?

I think I would be a little surprised and think that somebody is trying to make a joke or that they are crazy 😀 And for sure I would walk away when they would asked if they could have my laptop, nobody touches my precious except me!!!! So the guys from The Viral Factory had a hard job to do for Samsung’s viral campaign “SSD Angels”.

“How do you go about using SSDs to fix broken relationships? 4 SSD Angels took 1 ex-ambulance, 1 cameraman and 50 Samsung 830 SSDs and went to find out. This is the start of their story.”

The “hard drive ambulance” traveled from Waterford, England  to Bethune, France where they encountered the big  “le fail”: british guys trying to speak french- funny 🙂 and  then it almost arrived to Berlin, Germany.

Campaign Credits

Project name:  SSD Angels

Client:   Samsung

Creative agency:  The Viral Factory

Director: Sam Bailey with The Viral Factory

Thanks to Vincenzo for the tip.


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