A good dream or a nightmare

Advertising, Thoughts and words

You know that movies where the machines take control over humans and in the end they rule the world? Maybe a few years ago it seemed like a stupid idea but now computer are really in every part of our life, is as we can’t live without them any more. And the bad thing is that now they are able to take control even of the parts that defines our personalities, like our dreams…

Some people from Hakuhodo’s Future Technology Works division thought that is a great idea to invent an application that can control our subconscious and has the power to influence our dreams. Yumemiru is an iPhone app that lets users pick from different scenarios of what they want to dream and then creates an sound that will make them dream what they choose.  And that is not all, when you wake up you can immediately post on Facebook a status to tell your friends what an good dream you had.

So just let’s forget about that moments in the morning when you wake up amazed about what strange/beautiful dream you had, let’s just let an application to decide what our dreams will be like.


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