The Okamoto Freedom Project- Be naughty, but be safe!


Home alone? Do you want to call your boyfriend/girlfriend over “to watch a movie”, but you are kind of scared that your parents will come earlier and catch you in the middle of the action? Don’t worry just get this iPhone app made by  Okamoto,  a condom brand. Useful isn’t it? :))

Okamoto with the help of the advertising agency TBWA\ TEQUILA\ Singapore have created “The Okamoto FreedomProject”, a funny advertising campaign presenting new products so that you can “do the deed without getting caught.” The project isn’t only about the iPhone app, you can also find other handy stuff like Urban Camouflage that makes your car look empty when it’s not! ot the Nightcap, just a condom coaster.

“When it comes to being naughty, Singaporeans are great at covering up, hiding out and keeping things under wraps. The Okamoto Freedom Project is a range of products that helps you get better at getting away with it. So now you don’t have to rely on wits and guile alone”


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