Write something: “Life is boring without trying”

Thoughts and words

G: You have to write something!

C: I am not a writer, I just listen to music, find good songs and play them

G: But you also have to write something, you promised me

C: I was out of my mind, I didn’t knew what I was talking about

G: You have to, there’s no turning back

C: This is shit I don’t know how to write, what to write about… I don’t have anything

G: You can always find something. Like what you did yesterday?

C: I didn’t do anything just went out with some people, talked with some other people, meet some other other people

G: See, you can write about that

C: Easy to talk not so easy to write, this is not a good idea you know it’s a waste of time

G: Just write anything, something, don’t be a pussy

C:  Don’t you start! Ok, fine I will write some shit but I will kick your ass after.


In the memory of my dearest friend that is about to get her ass kicked so hard that she is going to forget her name. Cheers, you crazy little thing!

Day one: Find something to write about. What I did instead: listen to some music, played with my dog, had some drinks with my friends. Nothing to write about.

Day two: After some more session of “come on you promised to write” bla bla bla, appeal to oh, mighty Google to find some ideas. Look at photos, read the news, listen again to music, read some fancy pansy magazine. Look at some article about how to pick up girls, laugh your ass off. Oh, wait, that’s an idea.

Day three: Write!

So, this article, I will not tell u which magazine, which writer because I am not a literal critic, I just found the idea funny- that guys suffer so much if they get rejected by a girl in a pub and it’s so hard for them. While I read it, I was just thinking that hitting on someone in a bar isn’t so hard after all and we don’t have to kill ourselves if we get rejected. Yes, it might be hard to make the first step but “life is boring without trying” or something like that. Just a line from a TV show, guess which one!! And let’s be real for girls is way more harder than for boys to hear the “oh, sorry, not interested”

Te comments from this article made my day, they were like a comedy show…some guy were complaining that girls are so mean, so superficial, that they don’t care about their feelings. Let’s get real people, if she doesn’t want to kiss you, have sex with you, have a threesome with you after you introduce yourself that doesn’t mean that girls are bitches.

Let’s say that you are a guy in a pub, you see a nice girl at the bar, you go talk to her but she doesn’t seem to be  interested in you. If you are not a dushbag  and try to convince her that you are so cool and that you are the best thing that could happen to her that night I think that she is not going to break your little poor heart or spill something on you. So don’t fuss so much, if the girl likes you, great, she will keep on speaking with you, if not, at least you tried. And don’t tell me after you get rejected by one girl you go straight home to your mommy and cry your eyes off in a dark corner and think about how good it would have been if u were gay because guys are so nice. Don’t think so, and for what I saw, guys will instead hit their next target and the next one, and so one until they find someone to go home with. Stop complaining guys!

Now, let’s move on at one girl’s point of view. So, change of perception: think at the same situation just now put yourself in the shoes of a girl. You are with your girls, drinking something and you see a really good looking stud at the next table. You look at him, smile, do that thing with the hair, play a bit with your glass, laugh more and louder so that he can notice you. And, of course, talk with your friends about him and start giggle. Now for the majority of girls out there is much harder to go hit on a guy. Maybe is because of the fear of being rejected, or some stupid complex they are having or just because they are afraid to be label as sluts. Because, yes, even in this era girls who sleep with a lot of boys are sluts and boys who sleep with a lot of girls are cool.

But for the sake of it let’s say that you, a girl, go talk with the guy. Take the position, boobs out, back straight and you are on your way. You arrive at the table, and introduce yourself, maybe make him a compliment, make a joke, something, I don’t know whatever pick up line u want to use. And then here it comes, he wants to go “somewhere more quite to talk” like his bed or he just wants the number of your cute friend.

What do you do, as a girl, go back at the bar, order some shots of tequila, get drunk think he is a loser and then go to the toilet look in the mirror think you are too fat, you have a big nose, big years, small eyes, whatever defect you can imagine. Why? Because girl analyze things too much, they are so stressed about their appearance that even the slightest bad remark can make them break.  Maybe now you are reading this and think, oh, that is not me, that’s just the case of stupid little girls that aren’t mature enough, but really, is that so? The next time your boyfriend/husband/guy tells you that you look tired don’t think that you look really bad, that your hair looks like shit, u are fat, a monster or something like that, boys don’t hide meanings , they say what they think: that you just look tired. And for sure he will not stop loving you if u don’t look perfect one day, and if he does so, then that means you two have some problems. And this is it!

The end.



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