Sex is cheating?

Thoughts and words

G: I am so down right now, every year in this period i always have this stupid depression. I don’t know that is happening to me. I am going crazy I tell you..

B:oh come on, it is normal everybody goes to hard times sometimes

G: Yeah but i am so fucking depressed i don’t know what to do…

B: Should I come over?

G: No, thanks i don’t want to watch movies i just want to lie in my bed and die

B: I don’t want to watch a movie, we could do something that always cheers u up

G: what?

B: Sex

G: What????you have a girlfriend are u joking?

B: No i am not joking we could have sex is not like i am cheating or something

G: WTF??? sex is cheating

B: No is not, love is cheating

G: What???

B: If we have sex i am not cheating on her, if i loved u then yes. But just sex without any feelings, just to make u feel ok is ok, we are friends.


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