Monday is not a good day

Dreams are made of..., Photos, Thoughts and words

Monday isn’t a good day for me, I have to wake up early in the morning and go to the office to start a new week of 8-10 hours of work every single day.  Work, work, work, work your ass off and think every day at Friday. Monday…..thinking about Friday, thinking about your free time, about the weekend, about the parties and the days when u could wake up at what hour you wanted and not being stressed by an alarm that rings in my head even one hour later.

I am not a morning person that’s for sure and I am not a Monday person also.

When I first saw this picture I taught to myself that the photograph caught me in a Monday morning on my way to work.  With my suitcase, all dressed up but flying somewhere and dreaming with my eyes open. Monday for me is like this foggy forest, a day that came from the dark  and everyone is afraid to face her, but you have to. A gray, mysterious entity that is able to kill all of your dreams. A grown-up day that tells you that you are not a child anymore, you have responsibilities and things to do, important things for your future.

The credits for this amazing photo goes to  Louis Lander-Deacon, a 17-years-old photographer from Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom. 17 years??? This is really a good start.  Here are more magic photos.


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