Addicted to chocolate

Dreams are made of..., Thoughts and words

Hi, I am Gray and I am addicted to chocolate! 😀

I can eat as many chocolate bars you put in front of me, I can devour an entire jar of Nutella in seconds when I am blue, something bad happened or just when I watch a sad movie. My life has no meaning without the sweet, soft, divine taste of that magic delight.

I’ve tried everything until now just to forget for a minute, an hour, a day that tiny chocolate candy hidden in my desk. But I cannot ignore her calling, she is screaming my name, she knows that only her can give me a minute of happiness and she’s mean to me.

I stare at the case where she is trapped in and try to keep my hands away from it. I try to think about something else, to write my essay that was due yesterday, to watch a movie, listen to music but nothing can make her imagine disappear. A chocolate candy that can be all mine just by moving my hand, a pleasure so intense erupts in my body just thinking about it. I’m wondering what will happen if I taste it.

I’m trying to get my inside devil to shut up. ” Come on, is just a candy, it won’t hurt you, take it, I know you want it”, he says.

And the anguish continues over and over again for the next minute until the chocolate melts in my mouth and my inner child is smiling and making fun of the adult that can’t resist a tiny bit of chocolate.


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