Sex sells?


Do you think that “sex sells”? Maybe yes, maybe not, but for sure BMW had this idea in 2008. And with such an proposal who can resist, let’s be real who cares when you can have something like that, no?

The ad is made by BBDO, Athens  for BMW’s Premium Selection Used Cars in Greece that tries to convince you that a used women, oh my bad…BMW car, yeah now I got it right!  is still of premium quality.

Creative Director, Theodossis Papanikolaou and Art Director, David Kaneen.

New idea? Oh, come on like if there is such a thing as originality out there, no way in hell… So, nope and this is why:

Translation…wait for it!!!: Would you mind not to be the first?

In the end the creative idea it is still a good one, but I will not try to market it to women.


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