Bizzare Fruit

Dreams are made of..., Photos, Thoughts and words

I had a dream last night, I was a pear but I lived in the sky and I was flying with not one but two golden fish. I gave them all of my sweetness, my energy, my life so that I can receive in return two wishes.

1. I wish I were there with you and hold your hand while we watch the sea caressing the sand over and over again.

2. I wish you could look at me once again and smile, a single movement of your lips, face, heart, mind, soul that can give me all the happiness one man can have in a life time.

The fish were gone before I could have you, I was flying alone in the darkest stars and started to blame the night, cursed the stars and murdered the colors. I cut them off my mind, try to tear them apart, to let them fly from my inside. I woke up and you weren’t there… and once again I felt your smell coming from each part of the room like it was yesterday. I saw you brushing your hair in the big mirror next to the window and looking lost at the leaves of our big walnut.

I see you everywhere, Ican’t find a reason to get of the bed in the night, I want to be in the sky, next to you. Will you be my star?


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