Rachael Yamagata- Starlight


Have you heard about Rachael Yamagata? If not maybe you can give this girl a chance, she really deserves it.

Why we like her? Besides the fact she is really hot, we like her voice, lyrics, the fact that she is not making music according to the needs of some record label and many other things that u can discover by listening to her music.

In an interview for the Pop Matters, Rachael Yamagata said that she feels “pretty blessed to have lasted as long as I did within the major label system. I feel fortunate to work with the people that I did, because they’ve always been super-awesome people and very creative, and I just think the snags that I ran into had more to do with the system than anything else. For me, something like Pledge Music saved me. It was something that allowed me to make instinctual decisions about how the funding would be used, and I didn’t have to get clearances from anyone. I’m sitting here now writing hand-written lyrics for people who supported the album. I love that fans can support something in advance they would’ve supported anyway. And I get to share behind-the-scenes stuff with them! It’s a great way to get more authentic music.”

What do you think about her?


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